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Configuration.Tech offers outsourced pre- and post-installation configuration services eliminating the complexity and uncertainty of deploying network video surveillance platforms.

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Configuration.Tech Overview

Configuration.Tech is an outsourced resource in the security industry. Our mission is to support our partners for successful security deployments. We are never competing for projects with our partners, and we are never an added cost to a project.

Configuration.Tech provides a wide spectrum of support for our partners based on needs and experience. Consulting, engineering, configuration, training, maintenance, and support. Whether it is cameras, access control, video management platforms, access control platforms, or intrusion, we support a wide array of manufacturers.

For all types of projects, we work with the partner to establish our role. We supply fixed costs for our role in the project (these costs are in lieu of in-house personnel burden rates). Since our costs are fixed, there are no cost overruns eating at the profit margin.      

For our configuration service, we develop a project loading sheet outlining the detailed project information. The project loading sheet is used in conjunction with the project drawings to identify the device locations. The packaging for every configured device is labeled with the device name, device installation location, and network information. The project loading sheet, project drawings, and package labeling makes for a ‘plug-n-play’ approach to the deployment of the system. As part of this service, we provide extensive pre-installation configuration of all devices. Post-installation configuration is also included to perfect exposure and recording settings.

For configuration of video management and access control platforms like Genetec, we assist the partner in addressing all the features with the end-user. We help the partner deliver as much of the full Genetec solution as hoped for by the end-user.

As needed, Configuration.Tech offers consulting and engineering services. We can assist in thoroughly vetting a project. Which can include:

  • Identify current status of existing devices.
  • Identify IT Infrastructure.
  • Assess potential issues/vulnerabilities.
  • Discovery of clients wants/needs (assist in developing scope of work).
  • Create drawings.
  • Create parts list.

Years Experience

Completed Projects

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Device Configuration

Streamline system deployments with pre/post-installation configuration services. This service includes configuration of devices prior to installation as well as post-installation adjustments for 14 days.

VMS Configuration & Training

With 10+ years of experience in the video surveillance marketplace, Configuration.Tech is uniquely qualified to develop custom video management system (VMS) environments as well as perform End-User training.

Extended Project Maintenance

Extended project maintenance ensures the system is fully operational and functioning properly with ongoing systems maintenance. Service also includes routine system updates and required modifications.                           

Professional Services

Some projects require custom solutions to meet specific needs. Configuration.Tech offers these services at a competitive hourly rate to meet these unique needs, such as custom programming solutions. We also offer system audits.

Kitting & MicroSD Card Upgrade

Kitting service saves time and resources by assembling the components of the system such as lens and mounting hardware. Upgrade the factory MicroSD card to increase the video storage capacity.