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Steve Rosenbloom

Steve Rosenbloom


Steve Rosenbloom retired from the San Diego Police Department after a 20+ year career in law enforcement.  During his time there, he became an expert in Problem Solving in Policing, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, and Neighborhood Policing. Steve was fortunate to be selected to a unique position (only 2 selected in the nation) where he developed the use of public surveillance for law enforcement.

After law enforcement, Steve began working in the public sector with Dotworkz. At Dotworkz, he expanded his experience into various camera manufacturers, wireless networking, servers and VMS platforms. After a short time with Samsung, Steve accepted a business development position with Mobotix. At Mobotix, he extended his knowledge in networking, security needs assessment and advanced logic.

Steve is excited to be sharing his extensive experience in his new role at Configuration.tech

George Honaker

George Honaker


After five years serving as a Nuclear Qualified Machinist Mate onboard the USS Honolulu fast attack submarine, George entered the physical security industry as an Account Executive and Sales Engineer.

Over the course of twelve years, George expanded his technical experience to include fire alarm, fire sprinkler, audiovisual, data centers and more. For the past three years, George served as the Technical Project Engineer (TPE) for Mobotix Americas.

George now applies his experience and leadership as the Chief Executive Offer at Configuration.Tech.


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